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Shrikrishna Mahavidyalaya since its inception has been committed to mould the future of young generation from rural area specially girls that are deprived of quality higher education. Development of the peoples from backward region cannot be achieved unless higher education reaches to door steps of the young learners from this community. We at our college have there fore undertaken mission “Education for deprived” to transform the future of the people through well-defined means of learning, research and extension activities.
Our Holistic missions and goals laid down by the founders and present management have certainly put consistency, stability and planned determination in improving status of the college to considerable extent. College is making consistent efforts to impart quality higher education in this region by organizing academic and extension activities. As a result of well designed consistent efforts attitudinal and intellectual level of student community of this region is witnessed. Restoration of cultural and educational values are remarkable increasing and inculcation of competitive spirit moral values among student community is another achievement of the college faculty of the college deserves special in this regards, our teaching community is curious to the global changes in the field of education and promoting quality higher education to peoples of this region.
In present millennium, quality higher education is the only means through which one can meet the challenges of the time to strengthen and enhance leaving standard of the peoples of this region let us go hand in hand to build national spirit. I welcome you all once again.



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